THE UNINVITED – The Architecture Annual 2023

Delia Grigoroiu, president of ROZ Association
More information on the project here:

THE UNINVITED is an AMAIS project that involves a series of installations and exhibitions through which we want to understand society’s perspective on accessibility, inclusion and disability.

The videos are part of a series of interviews conducted within the Architecture Annual 2023, with the Inclusive Bucharest topic.

The Annual is organized by OAR Bucharest and was curated by our collegues, architects: Iris Popescu and Mihaela Șerban.

  • Exhibition concept and design: PhD. arch. Iris Popescu, arch. Mihaela Șerban
  • Technical detailing and production: Atelier set
  • Video production: HOTAR Advertising & Video Production
  • Graphics: Vlad Giogu
  • UV print: Mark&More
  • Sign language: Bogdan Anicescu, ANSR